Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Angel is about to face her mother’s beating, so she tries making a wish on a river by throwing her last coin on it. Incidentally her lucky coin falls on the boat where Miguel is in so her wish fails to come true. On her way to make everything up to her mother, she tries producing money in exchange of the other one that accidentally got lost; but unfortunately, on her way home, a boy snatches her cash, thus infuriating her mother once more; to the extent that the latter finally pushes her out of their abode. While obliviously walking along the street, Angel bumps into Miguel and her robber once again. Though reluctant at first, Miguel finally decides to take in the poor homeless girl in their small makeshift shelter. In line with his birthday celebration, Pip steals a cake from a nearby bakery; but unfortunately, his misdeed leads the authorities to raid their shanty. On their way to escape from the authorities, Angel gets left behind as she tries chasing her cap with directions going to Miguel’s so called flower paradise; and sadly, she gets hit by Jaime’s car upon retrieving her lost item. On the other hand, Pip is detained in prison, thus leaving Miguel pleading for Tessa’s help in order to get him out.

To Denise and Patricia’s surprise, Jaime brings Angel home. Upon learning this, Denise immediately feels envious of the newly arrived, so she persistently treats her very badly; she even throws away Angel’s cap where Miguel left the address of the park where they are supposed to meet up. On the day of Don Fernando’s party, Angel surprisingly pleases the mean old man, thus making Denise even more furious; but after Angela helped her out with Jaime, Denise decides to finally make friends with her. On the other hand, after fixing up Pip’s case, Miguel too finds a new home for him and his brother under Tessa’s care. Angel and Miguel are now grown ups, but both of them are still persistent to find each other. No matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to find a way to cross paths; but despite fate’s trick on them, chance seems to have its own way to bring them back together. On their way to apply for the BAR Exam, Angel, now known as Ella, accidentally bumps into Miguel; but unfortunately, though they are already standing side by side, the two fails to recognize each other.

The list of the BAR Exam passers is finally released; Miguel successfully fills in the number one slot as Ella fills in the number 2 position. After gaining the necessary title, despite Tessa’s rather blinding offer, Miguel decides on working as a public attorney instead. And since her son turned down her offer, Tessa tries opening a window for Ella to fulfill her dream of working in her firm. Few hours before the oath taking itself, Tessa gives Ella a call for an interview. Being the top two BAR passers, Miguel and Ella were set to sit side by side on their oath taking ceremony. On the said event, the two finally got a chance to introduce themselves to one another and have a short chat. Surprisingly, aside from Ella and Miguel’s, the said occasion gives way to another rather unexpected reunion; Jaime, Patricia and Tessa’s. On the other hand, Patricia purposely sets her adopted daughter Ella on another interview in order to make her miss her appointment with Tessa, which Jaime immediately agrees on. Ella finally submits to her parents’ desires; but in line with her dream, she still gives Tessa’s law firm a shot after finishing off her interview with the other law firm she applied in.

In exchange for her requested interview, Ella is dared by Tessa’s partner to go in search for a very important witness named Bryan Lorenzo; and on the said mission, she accidentally bumps into Alfred. Surprisingly, she ends up acquiring necessary information regarding the said person just as Tessa commanded, thus immediately earning her a position in Tessa’s company; but unfortunately, the said news fails to thrill her family as much as it thrilled her. [2]